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Full Name 1268 - Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town (U).7z
Filesize 2.8 MB
Region USA
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The Greatest Video Game on that Era. in my Country. I remember everyone in my country (Indonesia) playing this game but PSX version. Every single person. And trading their cow, ship, and chicken. It was really2 fun.
What are the cheats in this game?
Ruby-Bella = Gba is simply Gameboy Advance. Great, though you can't have a family in this game, so yeah.
Every harvest moon friends game that i played there's alot of girls that have a crush on you and my cousin found an item that makes the person in love with you who you give the item too, so he went to an old man and gave it to him nothing happened?
whats a GBA ??????????????????????????
woah this is almost exactly settings as Harvest Moon Back To Nature for Playstation 1
I can play it on my computer. Yay!
the game on ps 1 can over!!!! after we played it for 6 years in real time !!!! (not the game time) we would be kidnapped to the town and GAMEOVER (well i just heard it from my cousin)
i just love the harvest moon series :) :)
just press "B"
someone please tell me, what cntrol if we wanna eat something?
uhmm so this game dosen't have an ending story? its like animal crossing wild world for ds? uhmm I'm gonna download it O: