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Full Name 1258 - Onimusha Tactics (U).7z
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Sori but this tactical R.P.G is the worst i have ever played.
this loks a lot like FFTA hahahahah but ill try it anyways ^^
ill take 'Sarah Kreuz' advice b/c all the games she listed i have played/beat in less than 72 hours...
This Game isn`t impressive at all. Just Decent. Decent Story, decent Gameplay&graphx...round based tactic in a very easy way. Because neither highs,lows nor attacks from the back nor anything you know from Games like "Final Fantasy Tactics", "Fire Emblem" or "Vandal Hearts" comes here in place. Just so goddamn easy: Attack who you want,from which direction you want...doesn`t matter. If you want a tactic Game where you don`t need a Brain: you WILL find this one impressive. :) The Music is very cool, and the Storyline is intersting too (but at a very late time - the first 2,3 hours it`s really boring). Also it isn`t SO childish like all the other manga-style rpg`s and round based tactic-games. You can give it a try,if you played all the other great tactic games for the GBA (Tactics Ogre,Final Fantasy Tactics, Shining Force, Fire Emblem...), or if you got nothing else to play.
What a game.. I love it.
Brief Description: an impressive tactical rpg, with a good plot (not great but interesting nevertheless). If you played and enjoyed final fantasy tactics you'll probably enjoy this (although its not as good, it comes farely least by my standards) The plot is as follows: Nobunaga, the evil warlord has come back to life after being dead for I don't know how long, and is trying vindictively to take over (and in the process pretty much destroy) feudal japan coz he has a grudge against the living people (probably coz he's jealous that he doesn't look as good...yes ladies and gentlemen you've probably seen better looking demons than this rotten grape). Anyways, in his disposal are 'genma' (some kind of undead demons) whom you will inevitably spend hours upon hours facing and kicking butt...or getting your butt kicked if you ain't too lucky. Various forces try to stop Nobunaga's onslaught but they fall at their feet like a bunch of crippled sheep. Everything looks hopeless...but wait, there is one last hope! [drumroll] One man stands a chance at setting things straight with the evil warlord. This man is non other than Onimaru, the protagonist who has inherited great powers from his clan (a handy gauntlet that can suck out genma souls). Gameplay: Just like most tactical rpgs, you don't really walk around cities or anything. You just select the next location on the map wherein you will see the good guys and the bad guys exchanging harsh remarks or talking amongst themselves, and then start duking it out...isometric style. Strategy in battles is not as emphasized in this game as it is, say in games like "final fantasy: tactics" mainly because the difficulty in it comes from increasingly stronger foes, as opposed to being forced to make decisive tactical decisions (for example: it doesn't matter which direction you are hitting your opponent from). One of the nicest things I liked about this game was the equipment system, I liked how you are able to enhance your equipment using the genma souls, or are able to make new equipment with them. Also the graphics are excellent by gba standards. The Worst things about the Game: 1. The speed of the battle animations (you know, when you attack your foes), especially when you use magic attacks is freaking the beginning you'll probably look at it as a treat (like wow...totally cool pixel animations), but when your eyes get raped by it time after time it starts to suck bad. Kinda like Ryu (from street fighter) gathering energy to shoot out a haduken on the anime series, the first time you see it you're like wow! But when he has to do it everytime he shoots out a haduken you gotta be saying "M.Bison! Will you kick his ass already". Anyways, if you have an emulator to play this game then use the "frame skipping" button or whatever its called to get you through the pain. If you only have a cardridge of it for your gba then tough luck for you buddy :( 2. With the lack of (much) strategy, you'll probably feel the games repetitiveness if you play it in long doses. So if you don't have the patience then play it in fair doses, and take breaks in which you play games that give you "instant gratification". And no, to all you filthy minded people who think that I'm talkin' about a porno game think again; this time using your head...what I mean is fast-paced action games like "Doom 2" or any modern equivalent of it. Concluding Words: I hope this has been useful to someone out there, or at the very least entertaining.
For those fans of tactics ogre this is the best game