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Full Name 1235 - Fire Emblem (U).7z
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Region USA
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excellent game enjoyed it from start to finish and the sequel (witch is japanese) is also good
Fire Emblem was truly a great game, as stated by others this game truly does not dissapoint (well unless you lose a good character). This game follows 3 lords Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector(the almighty) on their journey through the land called Elibe. On the way you meet various units with great classes such as Mages, Archers, Cavaliers, Knights, a pirate and so on. Highly recommended even if you have played it already.
Marioyap is spot on, even though its the GBA, it definitaly stands out as one of the best turnbased stategy games out there!
You kan enjoy it, love it, lust for it, and that's all before you even play it....>.>
Woot this game is the best!!
Great game. Does not disappoint. Good storyline and decent graphics. Best part is the challenge. Over time and levels, strategy becomes more complicated and sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Can you be victorious and not lose a few good men?
Can't say enough about this game. trully an awesome game.
This is the game that makes me love the whole fire emblem series. It was the first that Nintendo release outside Japan. I played this game almost 4 times just to finish the conversation support. Anyone who enjoy RPG and turn best strategy will love this game. It is close to the real live, you character stayed dead if they die... not like some other RPG
The Best.
One of the best games i ever played for gba, anyone who likes rpgs HAS to play this game. truly magnificent. :)
Very good strategy like advance wars
Awesome Game to Play