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Full Name 1235 - Fire Emblem (U).7z
Filesize 9.3 MB
Region USA
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Love this old classic sad that they haven"t made any new ones lately
Probably the best game on the GBA. Get it NOW.
This is an extremely well made game! It even has a great replay value too, since fights are user-strategy based and relationship between the different characters also depends on the player. Even the plot line is engrossing; I am sure its the best rpg game ever!
One of the few Strategy games I really like. It has depth, customizability, great music, fluid and awesome-looking battle animations, likable characters, engaging story, and two lengthy campaigns. Give it a shot, you'll probably find it more than worth your time.
this game made me love life again
yeah , I really like it The best game I have played I love the series after this ^^
Best game this ame maked me like fire emblem
Dude its actually blazing sword
Never found any better game than this~ not even in psp~ >.<
This is a great game. I highly recommend. There will be times when you will be soo close to finishes a level, and lose a character due to the level of challenge as the game progresses, however, because he is such a good character, you will not mind restarting the chapter because without that chracter, you may not finish the game.
Ah the 7th fire emblem released first in America Rekka no ken which translates to The Sword of Flame
Very good. Best turn-based strategy I've ever played...