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Full Name 1194 - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (E) (M5).7z
Filesize 5.7 MB
Region Europe
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Game is not bad, i like turn based fights.
Really a fantastic game. I highly recommend playing this one.
A great game.... with many fantastic side quest..... makes you feel like you were really leading a clan.
One of the best tactical games for GBA. It has a similar feel to Final Fantasy but game play is a bit different. Introduction to the game is a bit lengthy but it sets up the entire plot. Graphics aren't the best, but drawn characters look great. Game play is good turn-based style, laws become a bit hard to remember as the game progresses. One of the best features is class changes. Each character is capable of changing classes from a number of possibilities allowing you to make a soldier who can cast spells, a sniper who mastered the rapier, or even a jestful gunner. Many possibilities of game play and good for several weeks of game play. Once you beat it, you'll want to start again and make your team better.
A very decent RPG games for the GBA! It gives a pseudo-3D feel and is really detailed and has rather an interesting beginning! A must get for all FF fans!