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Full Name 1155 - Advance Wars 2 - Black Hole Rising (E) (M5).7z
Filesize 3.8 MB
Region Europe
Can Download No



This is the best Advance war i play is so addicting and i loved a play this game for days it awesome
Great strategy game! One of the best. It also comes with a nicely detailed map editor..1 cartridge multiplayer for up to 4 players (They take turns!) It is awesome you can also play the amazing campaign and buy maps from the ingame store! 8.5/10
This is the best strategy game ever!!!
Great turn based strategy with a ridiculous storyline. Try the first "Advance Wars" if you never played one of these Games,because it got much better designed maps.
I love it.....coz i love strategy games
I had this game on GBA... loved it. My GBA broke. Now I have it on computer... does anything else need to be said?
This game is VERY addicting. Medium difficulty gameplay with difficulty rating on levels. Never gets boring especially when you can create your own maps.