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Full Name 1141 - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (U).7z
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Region USA
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The only drawback is that the boss is not tough, otherwise it's perfect.
Best game on GBA I play it more than any of my downloaded DS games!
i have to agree with anyone that says this game is awesome.Bit childish but the story has a nice mystery effect to it. A tip 4 amatuers: if u have a viera get it to a Summoner and give a cloak with Half MP effect then turn her into a assasin then give a Zanbanto (has the effect ultima masher) Normally ultima masher takes 60 MP but with a Half MP effect Only 30 MP so u can kick anyones ass with that kind of a combo. A long process but worth it
One of the best games I've played on the GBA.
cool game, as is the ds sequel a must play and a good way to spend time!
I play it on emulator...and works you get a desktop resolution a stereo sound and a!
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is, in my opinion, the best game I have ever played. So, it does look a little bit childish and cartoony, but the story is solid (albeit a tad basic, but that doesn't matter), and under the "simple" premise of the story is a solid game with hours and hours of fun, interactive (obviously, duh) gameplay, a rich and rewarding customization engine, and graphics that put a large majority of GBA games to shame. It's addictive and challenging, but you can easily play it on the bus due to its mid-battle save - something that is run-of-the-mill nowadays, but remember that FFTA pioneered it. Even at the hardest point, you'll still be coming back to the game - levelling up and grinding is barely a chore. Also, the game is so complex, that it pushes the GBA almost past its capabilities - playing on an emulator is nearly impossible (at least for me) because it glitches and lags a lot, but on the GBA it is fine. So, my verdict on the game: 6 stars. Buy a GBA flash card. Play it, love it, cherish it.
This Game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! (addicting) LOL!!!..... COMBO AND BLACK MAGIC FAVORITE........ blizzard fire not at all....
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is not a sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics. They're as much as a sequel to each other as one would say FF7 is to FF6. Although, I do too prefer the PS1 game FFT more than the GBA game FFTA. The story was better, and the job system was more better for my type of play. ---- Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a japanese turn-based stragety game. It allows you to customize your characters through it job system. The rpg elements come into play on this part. Your characters master skills with their job, and blah blah. I'm not good at reviewing games, so I'll just give the quick and dirty. It is like other Stradegy RPGs you've played. Other than the job system and other minor feature, it is nothing unique. However, I found it fun. The story too is plain; nothing special about it.
Metaruev idk what you talking about they made tatics for the ps1 weird by making it you dont revive your fallen team members with in 3 turns you cant get them back wth
Well I got to say that I find FF Tactics for the PSX better than this one. I don't know, but for a "sequel" doesn't make justice to the great game FFT was...
I like it ahaaha..ff tactic A2 is good too