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Full Name 1141 - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (U).7z
Filesize 4.6 MB
Region USA
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FFT on the PS1 maybe THE BEST final fantasy ever made, This one has a different class system that makes it different. Some people may think its better but I think it sucks since you have to have certain weapons to learn certain moves instead of saving up points like any normal game should be. The graphics are a bit too light for me, i like darker graphics but im still downloading it cause i bought this a long time ago and sold it.
Link of the game is not working, please solve this! takes a lot to this game!
I feel as though this game is even better than Pokemon. My favorite thing was Sleep + Beatdown or Sleep then Poison and Rockseal/Blaster.
This is the worst final fantasy ever its like all of you have never played a real rpg common seriously this is awful the AI its rock age the law system its a cheap a temp for add some difficulty and the characters are children and they are killing and getting killed and they say its fun. Its just a FF Tactics wanna be, worst than FF Cristal Chronicles.
great game one of the best u can get on GBA
This game is quite nice but, is there gonna be a final fantasy tatics 2? if there is tell me ok?
I prefer Fire Emblem, but considering the gameplay style of this game, it was made quite well. I'd reccomend a download if you enjoy Fire Emblem or advance Wars. If you haven't played those kinds of games, go download Fire Emblem then come back here.
For some reasons, I really missed Montblanc. Haha! It's been 3 years since I last played this game (and I think, this is better than the FFTactics War of the Lions on the PSP)
omfg... i played this game for 267 hours 47 minutes on my gba... time to retire it o.o
Best game ever! Better than the ps1 version...
Looks just like luminous arc.