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Full Name 1080 - Megaman Battle Network 3 White (U).7z
Filesize 3.5 MB
Region USA
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This, too, was my very first megaman game xD I loved it and it was my favorite one out of all of them. It's what made me a fan of the Megaman series :D
This was my first Megaman game, making me love most of the Megaman BN series, and it's predecessor, Star Force. Out of all of them, this one was my favorite. I loved the style change system and the navi customizer.
My very first Megaman game I ever played.... I got it like in 2003 or so... I have such a good memories about this game ^_^ .. it is a very good game
Hard to get dark megaman costum since only a few chips dark element in this version....but superb easy changing custom to other element..kind a fun playing this 1 for custom changer..xD