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Full Name 0998 - Lufia - The Ruins of Lore (U).7z
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Region USA
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Storyline of this game got no direct hit with a previous version earlier version seems better than this .. To the knowledge of all, the remake version is already in the market on NDS platform .. So, get it on the market soon ..
i cant get this game to work, everytime i try to run it(im uesing visualboy emulater)it will keep sayin that tha game is a unsupported file what is up with that can anybody help me? although ive played past ones before this one i just wanna play this one cause im sure its as good as the other ones just cant play it.
I agree with ^ the games is gud but god is it challenging probably the hardest rpg i have ever playd . Here we can tame monsters to evolve and we can combine with them bt unlike ^ i gv it 6/10 just too hard
This game is somehow my all time favourite game ever. I fully realize that it's buggy and full of glitches, but somehow it just stands out and has provided me with more fun than anything... I mean, tales of symphonia is MUCH better, yet I like this game more... it's so confusing... i think it's the music (awesome soundtrack!!!) 9/10
Actually, this game is decent if you can get past the first dungeon. It has decent graphics, decent plot (Although I never heard anything about the Sinistrals in this one.), and pretty solid gameplay borrowed from Lufia II- Rise of the Sinistrals. Give it a try, it isn't bad. 8/10
Not as good as the previous Lufia series. This bad games is the reason why we don't get any new Lufia on DS.