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Full Name 0907 - Pokemon - Ruby Version (U) (v1.0).7z
Filesize 4.1 MB
Region USA
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there are bugs in it like in some places they are covered with mist and i cant see anything can someone help me
yay pokemon ruby for the win!!!
really an awesome game!!
Can someone help me ? This Ruby version doesn't work on my VBA. What should I do for this game start working correctly ? Thank you for your attention.
Why is the last screenshot from Firered or Leafgreen? I have Ruby and Leafgreen and i know the diference between them!
Its not the same as emerald.. but i caught rayquaza in it so (?)i didnt found other pokemons though. i think that kyogre is exclusive for the sapphire version... just like some pokemons are. =| nice game ^^
Pokemon Emerald has some updated stuff, such has another Legendary pokemon, Rayquaza and different protagonist sprites. Other than that, I prefer Ruby and Sapphire over Emerald. I had Sapphire when it first came out so now I'll try Ruby. Good game.
Is this the same as pokemon emerald?
ikr i dont know either
Love the game
I have both versions on my real gameboy advance. but i use computer more XD and now using visualboy advance to play pokemon games xD ok im a gonna download this today.