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Full Name 0907 - Pokemon - Ruby Version (U) (v1.0).7z
Filesize 4.1 MB
Region USA
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Thanks, been searching for this
what is da differences of ruby sapphire emmerald?
ultimate game my pokédex is going to be completed thank you romulation thank you
Going to see if this works on the no$gba
I love this game!! But i do prefer sapphire version , you know because of Kyogre. My sapphire does not work and i cannot download it for my computer. it simply does not work for my emulator. Oh, well! A great game, just like every pokemon! This game is a MUST!
All three of the Hoenn Pokemon games were my best ones!!!
Lampje you need VBA or Visual Boy it
i only get a white screen while trying to play it on my emulator, what kind of emulator do i need? or do i have the wrong pokémon version? i dont know what to do...
me too
First of all, NO GBA games can work on Slot-1 cards. My brother had Sapphire, it was epic so I am going to try this one.
Emerald is better because 1)my first pokemon game 2)You catch both groudon and kyogre 3)Battle frontier 4)You can choose wich to catch in the beginning latios blue latias red 5)updated menus 6)Sprite animation 7)you fight steven at the secret cave 8)clip of rayquaza Thats pretty much it
This game is the best