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Full Name 0770 - Phantasy Star Collection (U).7z
Filesize 3.0 MB
Region USA
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These are great. Remembering which spells did what irritated me when I first played, though.
ok, PS4 is the best not sure if it comes with this collection but anyway, then PS3 best then PS2. PS4 is long, and the storyline is excellent. RPG fans this is a must
Me too I loooooove this seri and my favorite is the 3 card revolution!!^_^
uhmm I'm looking a lot of popular gba games at gamespot score 8.6..uhmm I'm gonna download it.but 3 games? oh my which one to play?
Three games in the series, this is a great collection. I personally love the Phantasy Star series and I recommend it to all players.
how may games are in the collection
wow, i'm the first one to paste a comment on this. anyways, this game is one of the best RPGs.