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Full Name 0432 - Tactics Ogre - The Knight of Lodis (U).7z
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Region USA
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if you have played final fantasy tactics. it that game but worse... it has annoying boxes saying what to do when you already know. so check out the other game first.
The best tactical RPG game ever, so much depth, much better than Final Fantasy Tactics. Pick up the PS1 version after this (Let Us Cling Together). Check out this site for tips:
I had the pleasure of owning a hard copy of this one. It was hard to find. Great game, and a treat for anyone who enjoys FFTA. It's a little more mature, though, in that the majority of your decisions have depth. The story arcs based off of decisions, and I believe the card system. It adds an extra level of difficulty in deciding what to do.
it look likes final fantasy A2 grimo of the rift game master
Adelie66, your comment may have made me brain-dead.
its a very addictive game if you like it you can try Lufia the ruins of lore
looks like this game was a great game
Time for da pros to comment---ok this is the best and i do not exaggerate when i say the best tactical R.P.G in the G.B.A. Its so worth the download....its got a "GREAT" storyline and a lot of items...there r many clases more then 10 for every sex ( the clases difer for female characterz) now u get to buy spels and during the later part of the game u get reli cul summoning spels. The weapons r reli great and another cul feature is the persuading tactic whch alows u to persuade below-leaderclass charactes. The game is reli easy if u take the right steps and get all the 'dragon scales'. The game also has a quest option which alows u to get cul items.I cnt find any drawbacks for the game and so overal its a wel deserved 5/5.
I *loved* this game, but hated FFtactics. The story of this game is good, characters are awesome and it's not hard. Which is a plus for me. Graphics are good too!
Compared to the SNES version(Tactics Ogre) this game has a lot to be improved, actually i don't think turn basing is a good system for a game with such big and deep background. I wonder why the maker didn't bring the original WT system in to this one, shouldn't have technology problems because FFTA is using it.
@geneericdrug get an ez - 3in1 thingy. It works I can play GBA games and its also a rumble pack that fits into slot 2
probably the second best game ever made, i once (like 2 years back) heard they were gonna release another episode to the ogre battle saga on xbox360 and ps3, i have yet to see one....