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Full Name 0270 - GameShark GBA (U) (v1.0) (Alt) (Unl).7z
Filesize 64.4 KB
Region USA
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hey if i got gba on playstation portable and i get the gameshark for playstation portable can i use the gba codes in that for the emulator
Usually with a emulator, there is cheat input area where you can place codes for roms. (as a example. with no$gba if you press F2 you can input Codebreaker, Gameshark and Action Replay codes.)
no you cannot. Gameshark is a cheat device.
Can I use this with an emulator what is a gameshark anyways?
of course it doesn't work, it requires the gameshark hardware. Flashcarts usually have built in cheat support anyway. It is here for completeness only. ballin68: it's refering to a switch on the gameshark hardware. If you dont have the hardware then you cannot use this rom (and if you have the hardware you don't need the rom).
ok when i downloaded this it says at the top there is a switch over to the left and i hav to move it to the right. what do that actually mean?