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Full Name 0171 - Golden Sun (UE).7z
Filesize 6.3 MB
Region USA
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incredible graphics for a GBA game in the combat system, kinda made me a tad mad when it said to be continued at the end though, i couldn;t find a copy of the sequil anywhere (i had gotten golden sun at a gamestop in the used GBA section a loooong time after it came out) aside from the cliffhanger at the end it is an epic story line with a truely remarkable turn baced fighting system. Worth downloading 100%
A truly beautiful RPG game, effects, even limited to GBA's small capacity, are teh sex. The music is glorious, a symphony made of pure win. And gameplay, having a unique and B.A. difference in most console and GBA RPGs. When I play this, I never, EVER, want to use the Speed on my VBA.
they made this game out of awesomeness
My favorite RPG ever, possible my favorite game ever made. I still remember the day when I bought it as my first GBA game at Target. It was on sale for $19.82. Then I remember waiting like a year or two when GS2 came out. I remember the raw thrill of it coming out/being announced. Best game ever made. It has the best graphics of any GBA game, not to mention that it rivals the graphics of alot of DS games. If you guys get golden sun DS and it has wifi, go to and look for Skane. We'll get together and play GSDS!
The game has u playing Isaac, an earth elementalist out to save his village along with his childhood friend, a young psychic and a healer. without a doubt this is the best turn based rpg ever realesed on the gba and if u like this one, u should also try the sequal. i give it a 10/10. The summon system can be related to basic summons but with an inovative twist. the summons ca consist of diferent dinjins (the summoned creature in the game) fuse together for one summon to make another sumon dijin which is more powerful than the next. The game also allows u to interact with the surrondings using ur powers in order to complete task. The types of abilities u get relate to the dinjin u have which is great as u can switch around to suit ur taste and also to get the ability u may need to clear an objective. Last but not least the graphics and story, since its a gba u shouldn't expect much but for a gba game it has great graphics and songs so i doubt u'll be disappionted. As far as the story goes, i won't say its new but just like most rpgs ur out to save the world from destruction but ur actions wil affet the game later in. unlike most rpgs there r many sub quest that rely on ur decision on whether to help or not and the results will appear later on in the game. Hope my omment helps inur decision but if u decide not to download this, then ur clearly missng out on the best rpg ever realesed for the gba.
One of the best Turned-Based RPG for the GBA, epically!!!
It has good gameplay, yes... but a terrible, cliched story.
The greatest RPG game i played in GBA,more fun when you get all the djinni,play d book one and transfer your data in golden lost age,so you could all the summons^^v
GBA-RPG , Best Game.
Why is this listed as unspecified? It's clearly a roleplaying game. >.>
In my opinion, this is the RPG games for GBA. The Djinni system is unique, because your class change based on djinni formation. Definitely a must have
Great game