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Full Name 0171 - Golden Sun (UE).7z
Filesize 6.3 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



that game doesnt look so mind blowing
is this a good game?
One of the best games that existed if you ask me its great but the sequel to this is too complicated and unfinishable without a guide - they need to make a third
you can't compare any other (RPG) games on this!! way too good! I recommend getting this game. Too good to pass. I remember the old days when i was dying to kiil the last boss....(i forgot the name...)
very cool game for GBA
I give it an A . Very good game. Too bad I lost it.:(
Best Handheld RPG ever,together with Golden Sun:The Lost Age.
How good is this, im used to final fantasy.
Very good battling scene and summon monsters, but sometimes the talking part is too long.
Best GBA game series in existance, cant wait for golden sun ds to come out on DS =P
even though it's not stated, it IS an english game........
Best game for the GBA IMO