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Full Name 0171 - Golden Sun (UE).7z
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Region USA
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Players and critics agree; this is one of the greatest JRPGs ever! An enjoyable experience, and the Djinn and Psynergy systems distinguish this series from other turn-based games such as Final Fantasy.
This is an incredible game. One of my favorites of all time. If you like turn-based RPGs/J-RPGs YOU MUST GET THIS.
well.. this is a great game. perfect for those who like turn based games. the second game is rather good too. and the ds version will be released on december 31, after christmas. You would think they would release it before hand to get more money and sell out. But yeah.. cannot wait until it comes out!
Golden Sun series is one of the best RPG games out there. I would place it at Final Fantasy level if not that even higher. i remeber buggin my parents the morning that both 1 and 2 came out and getting to the store at like 8am just to buy it. if your looking for a awesome RPG i highly recommend this and the sequal Golden Sun: The Lost Age
the best game ever on GBA, ROCKS!
This game was made out of awesomesauce. Must be the best rpg for gba ever
over 2 days it come out on DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do gba games work on a m3 i sdhc
Greatest GBA RPG ever! everytime I play it I dont stop till i beat it
I remember sitting on the schoolbench in primary school during lunchtime with my best friend playing on her brother's GBA doing this exact game.
Beats every FF game into the dirt and spits on them.
i'm playing this now and can say:this is a very good game