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Full Name 0095 - Advance Wars (U) (v1.0).7z
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Region USA
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awesome game! great for TBS fans
Its a tactical strategy turn base game. Your based in world with several different countries, in story mode you play Orange star if i remember right, you get to play several different characters all with different special abilities and quirks. The more you play the more chars you unlock. You also have multi-player so you can go head to head with up to four different players. Long game aswell, if i remember theres around a max of 20 to 30 stages. each with their own map. tons of units, tons of storyline if your in for that, a 10 out of 10 all around.
is a tactical strategy type game. a whole lot of fun.
looks a little like Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime
Looks nice but is it like super robot taisen?
This is one of the best series that GBA had to offer. Definitely must have
Loved the whole series, definitely a must have!!!
A must have title for the game boy advance. highly recommended by most magazines i've read (which the names of them i forgot)