Full Name 0437 - Rune Factory 4 (U).rar
Filesize 1.37 GB
Region USA
Can Download No



Great little game for the 3DS. I am uploading screenshots so you can see it. It is Harvest Moon meets RPG magic battles game. :)
Can't download starts downloading then suddenly stops somewhere between 25% complete and 90% complete then when you try to continue downloading it makes you start from the beginning and does the same thing again
This is caused by your connection being interrupted and then your browser is not capable of resuming properly. Use a download manager.
Citra is the only working 3ds emulator. However these roms are intended for flashcarts and need decrypting to be used on citra.
Don't work on emulator, can you please give me an emulator that can make this game work?
what do I play this one? it won't work on my emulator
It says the game its crypted